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About Look on the Bright Side

About Look on the Bright Side

The brightside is a collection of optimistic thinkings that celebrates the art of the silver lining and being really rather nice to each other.

With something for everyone, the brightside’s bite-sized sunshine now comes in all shapes and sizes, including gifts for mums, dads, grandparents, pet-lovers, gardeners, mini-humans, just-about-to-get-marrieders….and, well, everyone else. Determined on our quest to send happy thoughts around the globe, we’re always looking for new lovely shops and stockists to join the brightside mission.

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About Rachel

About Rachel

Rachel Bright owns the slightly overcrowded mind behind the brightside – a collection of relentlessly optimistic thinkings, celebrating the art of the silver lining.

Now in it’s 10th year, over 10 million cards and 5 million brightside gifts have been sent to a special someone on planet earth so far. It all started with one little valentine card idea in a dusty print-room in Bristol – which just goes to show, that if you’ve got words in your soul, the world will hear them.

Also a children’s book author & illustrator, occasional pubic speaker and co-founder of a growing well-being retreat, she lives with her family and the nicest dog in the world (called Elvis) in Dorset, England.

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Where can I buy stuff?

Where can I buy stuff?

Look no further…the lovely people at our publishers, can help.

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Rachel Bright – A professional best-case-scenarioist, she never misses an opportunity to be relentlessly optimistic.

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